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eGo One VT & CT Joint launching by Heaven Gifts & Joyetech

Message par Heaven Gifts » mer. 30 sept. 2015, 11:02

As for the Temperature Control Tech prevails all over the vaping community, Joyetech rides the momentum to introduce two kinds of latest TC kits, which are Ego One VT and Ego One CT separately. Heaven Gifts and Joyetech joint launch them today.

As the first distributor of e-cigarette, Heavengifts.com will get Ego One VT and Ego One CT in stock with top priority! The pre-orders will be sent out in payment sequence once the items arrive.

Eyes back to the device itself, for the Ego One VT, vapers can adjust the temperature setting to meets their needs on flavors. As all we know, the flavor varies under different temperature circumstance; for the Ego One CT, things become more simple, it allows you to use different power output to reach its pre-settled temperature setting, which prolongs the lifespan of its battery, and have its size reduced with a sensational vaping experience delivered. Both of them support Ni and Ti coils.

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Ego One VT features:
1. 4ml capacity
2. VT-Ni, VT-Ti and VW mode
3. Three Levels of Watts and Temps
4. Smart, Power and Comprehensive
5. 2300mAh Large Capacity
6. 142 x 22mm(length and diameter)
http://www.heavengifts.com/Joyetech-eGo ... 00mAh.html

Ego one CT features:
1. 1.8ml/2.5ml capacity
2. CT-Ni, CT-Ti/CW Mode Applied
3. Easy Operation
4. Varied Levels of Watts and Temps
5. 1100mAh/2200mAh
6. 140 x 19mm(length x diameter)
http://www.heavengifts.com/Joyetech-eGo ... 00mAh.html


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